two parts discussion with journal entry

TWO part

1: discussion 350 word minimum. Behavior: impulsive behavior (optional)

Identify a personal behavior that you would like to change. Please note that you will focus on this behavior for each of the projects throughout this course. Discuss the operational definition of this behavior, indicate whether you want to increase or decrease this behavior, explain why you might benefit from modifying this behavior, and explain how this behavior meets the criteria for an environmental as opposed to a mentalistic explanation of behavior. Finally, discuss any personal or ethical concerns you will need to consider when attempting to change this behavior.

2 .journal entry

CBA Modules (FK-01 -06 Part 1 and Part 2, FK-07, FK-08, FK-09, FK-47 and FK-48) were to develop an understanding of the philosophical assumptions of behavior, distinguish between mentalistic and environmental explanations of behavior, and identify key concepts in the measurement of behavior. For this journal topic you will write a paragraph summarizing the assumptions of behavior, mentalistic vs. environmental explanations, and the measureable dimensions of behavior.

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