research case studies and write a document that summarize with conclusuon 1000words apa format

Research and develop a MS Word document of at least 1000 word that:

1) Reviews one of the Case Studies mentioned on Slide 6.

2) Write a document that summarizes the Case Study.

3) State whether you are for or against the views in the study and why.

4) Write a one or two paragraph conclusion stating what would you say to a decision maker to persuade them.

Investigating Five Case Studies

Assessing the EU Policy Package in Climate Change and Renewables

•German Nuclear Phase-Out and Energy Transition Policy•

KNOW BRIDGE: Cross-Border Knowledge Bridge in the RES Cluster in East Slovakia and North Hungary •

KSR’s Strategy for the Use of Renewab

Model:management of domains related to energy in local authorities

Note: apA format

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