presentation in typography 6 slides topic one space after a period why quotation marks and apostrophes vs dumb superiors inferiors superscript subscript 2

Subject Matter:

Characters and glyphs are a large part of knowing and setting type correctly. There are also numerous

‘typographic rules’ that designers must know and use in designing visual communications. In this project,

you will be researching, discussing, and demonstrating the topics using InDesign. You must involve your



1. Read textbook and research: Adobe, websites, books, articles.

2. Create a 5-minute visual presentation that describes your assigned topics. Make sure you

discuss the main points, show samples (good and bad), and give a demonstration using InDesign.

3. Topic:

a. One space after a period (why), quotation marks and apostrophes vs dumb, superiors,

inferiors (superscript, subscript)?

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