mircobio related outbreak

•Any microbiology related current event issue (outbreak) found in a reliable news article

(i.e. bacteria, fungi, virus, parasite)

•2 Pages, double spaced

•Times New Roman, size 12 font, standard 1” margins

•Cover page/ work cited page – doesn’t count towards page limit

–Cover Page: Title, Name, Section

–Work cited must be in proper format

•Topic turned on time———/5pts


(Times New Roman Font, size 12, standard margins, double-spaced,

proper grammar)

•Sources cited properly in a work cited page———/3pts

(MLA, APA e.t.c)

Need at least 2 outside the source you got the main idea from. No Wikipedia.

•Length (2 pages)———/3pts

•Cover page with name and sections outlined———/5pts


What is the article about?———-/7pts

Background of the organism involved———-/7pts

(Characteristics of the organism discussed)

Other additional news about the organism———-/7pts

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