drama essay 16

Critical Response Paper Assignment Submission

  • Thoroughly and carefully read The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.
  • Write a thesis-driven analysis of the play. This is not a review. It is an analysis. The distinction is vital to an understanding of the assignment.
  • Your paper should delve deeper than a plot-summary, or description of characters. It should be an analysis of the meaning of the play. Instead of asking, “What is this character’s motivation?” Ask, “What is the significance of this character’s action to the meaning of the overall play?” Most great plays are consistent, meaning that they center their energies around a major theme, and all action of the play helps to uncover that theme.
  • Your thesis should be specific and arguable. You should support it with specific examples from the text.
  • When complete, click ‘Open’ to turn in the paper.
  • 7.1

    Have confidence as you approach a text for analysis.


    Understand the intricacies and possibilities of a text.


    Become a more adept thinker and communicator of those thoughts.

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