acidity of the pacific ocean and dungeness crab impact

Research Paper

Requirements for the term paper:

Write a 1000- 1500 word paper in which you:

  1. Identify a current local, national, or international environmental challenge and explain in details why and how existing laws, policies, and regulations provide a solution for this challenge
  2. Are the existing laws, policies and regulation are sufficient? Explain your reasoning?
  3. If they are insufficient, please explain why and propose a detailed solution for the environmental challenge.
  4. Use academic or peer-reviewed articles in your research for this paper and provide at least eight (8) references.

This research paper counts twenty-five (25) points toward your final grade.

The research paper will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Content, critical thinking, original discussion and ideas and use environmental laws and policies to provide a solution to the environmental challenge;
  2. Demonstrates knowledge of critical issues, theories, and subject matter;
  3. Organization of the paper;
  4. Style and mechanics including APA formatting rules.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This should be an original paper; please review the section within this syllabus on “Honesty and Plagiarism.

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