writing assignment supply chain management

Write the essays in your own words. Submission will be screened by plagiarism software and the penalty for plagiarism is an F of BA360. This writing assignment weighs 60% in the assignment category of your grade.

  1. Essay part 1 (40%): Interview a professional to find out how operations and supply chain activities affect his/her responsibilities in the organization. The activities must be related to the materials covered in BA360. (250 ± 30 words)

– Materials covered so far are: Operations and Productivity, Operations Strategies, Sales Forecast, Process Strategy and Analysis, Six Sigma Quality Management, Project Management, Resource Optimization using Linear Programming, Sourcing and Logistics Supply Chain Sustainability. So choose something between those ones please.

  1. Essay part 2 (50%): Conduct research using SDSU Library resources (not Google search) on how the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting operations and supply chains for businesses. Write a summary of your findings and provide three references in APA format . (300 ± 30 words for the summary)
  2. Format requirements (10%):
    • (3%) Use this template I join as a file, to write my report. Fit all contents into two pages, 1” margin and single-spaced. Use Times New Roman and the font size shall not be larger than 12 points.
    • (4%) Use complete sentences to write. Do not use bullet points. Proofread your essays so that there is no typo or grammar error. Use APA format for your references.
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