with the rising outbreak of covid 19 impacting many countries the disease itself is slowly trickling into american soil while the cases of the pandemic are showing up in countries like italy south korea us etc there really isn t a sign of it stoppin

With the rising outbreak of COVID-19 impacting many countries, the disease itself is slowly trickling into American soil. While the cases of the pandemic are showing up in countries like Italy, South Korea, US, etc, there really isn’t a sign of it stopping as the numbers only increase as time goes on. Even if public health officials advocate for more sanitary lifestyles such as washing your hands every time, does it really make a difference and do people really take heed to it? Social distancing is often talked about when trying to deal with the virus. Social distancing is about avoiding taking public transportation and populated gatherings such as pubs or visiting arenas to watch sports games to limit contact with the outside world. That is what many cities are implementing, like San Francisco for example.

1. What do you think about the idea of social distancing?

2. Is enough to slow down the virus from spreading? Why or why not?

3. Are there any other ways to prevent the spread of the virus that you can think of?

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