solidarity theme question movie analysis

Choose one of two movies (listed below). See which one looks more interesting to you and watch it. Then, write a 5 page (double-spaced) reflection focused on the theme of ‘solidarity’.

Begin with a recap of the movie (1 page)- this is worth 3 points

Next, describe how the theme of solidarity comes through (2 pages; give specific examples)- this is worth 6 points

What overlap do you see with the themes of our course? (1 page)- worth 3 points

What lessons can apply from the movie in your own life? (1 page)- worth 3 points

Option 1: Locked Out (2010). A film by Joan Sekler about unionized miners in Boron California in ‘negotiations’ with their employer, Rio Tinto. The link is available on youtube. Search based on the above, or try this link:

Option 2: Pride (2014). A movie about UK LGBT activists working to help miners during their lengthy strike in the summer of 1984. This one is a little trickier to find and you may have to buy it, but it’s a fun movie and worth it, in my opinion. Here is a trailer:

– Attached are the required notes for the third point which asks regarding relating to the course.

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