report for a project

Write an introduction of this project ~700word counts

The seal tank has 10 hour light time and 14 hour dark time.

Firstly, introduce the goal of the project (not only the info in the file, but also some additional information)

Then, introduce what we use in the project. (Plants we use: Salvina, eldeo, moss ball; Stone: Gravel, sand, and EcoBio- block water clarify stone; three Crayfish; Bacteria: do some research to know what kinds of bacteria in this system.)

Also, you should the role they play in the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycle. What they do and how they works, eg. Photosynthesis and respiration. For example, what cause ammonia increase, how ammonia convert to nitrate (which bacteria help in this process)…

Need to decribe the biogeochemical cycle in detail, must have chemical reation.

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