project management assignment 33

Project Management Framework Paper

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Explain project process flow through the five process groups.

Course Outcome:

IT401-1: Analyze the Project Management Framework to identify relationships between process groups and knowledge management areas.


For this Assignment, you will begin by examining the project management knowledge areas, and then you will write a paper that demonstrates your ability to apply what you have learned. The PMP certification exam requires that the PMP candidate be capable of tracing the PM activities through the 42 processes. Know which process outputs become inputs to another process.

Assignment Instructions

Examine The Standard for Project Management Section 1 of the PMBOK Guide which maps out the Project Management Processes to the Project Management Process Groups and the Project Management Knowledge Areas. Write a one- to two-page paper describing what this mapping is trying to achieve. Be sure to correlate how the 49 project management processes within the nine knowledge areas are applied to a project over its lifecycle using the five process groups.

Assignment Requirements

The assignment should be completed in MS Word and be in APA format.

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