please download the access file and follow the steps to get it done

6-10 In this exercise, you will use database software to design a database for managing inventory for a small business. Sylvester’s Bike Shop, located in San Francisco, California, sells road, mountain, hybrid, leisure, and children’s bicycles. Currently, Sylvester’s purchases bikes from five suppliers but plans to add new suppliers in the near future. Using the information found in the tables in MyLab MIS (copy of MS Access file attached here), create queries and perform the following activities.

1.Prepare a report that identifies the five most expensive bicycles. The report should list the bicycles in descending order from most expensive to least expensive, the quantity on hand for each, and the markup percentage for each. (25 pts)

2.Prepare a report that lists each supplier, its products, the quantities on hand, and associated reorder levels. The report should be sorted alphabetically by supplier. For each supplier, the products should be sorted alphabetically. (25 pts)

3.Prepare a report listing only the bicycles that are low in stock and need to be reordered. The report should provide supplier information for the items identified. (25 pts)

4. Write a brief description of how the database could be enhanced to further improve management of the business. What tables or fields should be added? What additional reports would be useful? (25 pts)

Hint: Use the query wizard to create queries first. You can then prepare the various reports.

File MIS16ch06_questionfile.accdb

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