persuasively concretizing ethics collaborative efforts toward critical thought

In working to address the below elements, please detail the terms of your collaborative efforts—that is, how the dialogue amongst your group progressed to arrive at the responses to each point.

1.) Identify the value toward which you will advocate. Cite the dialogue engaged, including the various suggestions and arguments of each group member, to arrive at this particular value.

2.) Identify why this value has not been upheld or abided to the extent necessary (see pages 216 -217, on ‘why ideas are rejected,’ in The Art of Critical Thinking).

3.) Refine the terms of its expression via contemplation of the below-detailed questions.

• How is said value not upheld—? How should said value be upheld—? • In what circumstances is this value most needed? • Where isn’t this value practiced? Where should this value be practiced? • How isn’t this value working? How should this value work? • What is lacking about the dialogue surrounding this value? • What framework of presenting this value is (more) appropriate — ? • How should this value be explained? That is: by what illustrations, analogies, and so on? • What change in the application of this value is appropriate? For example:. should it be applied in different contexts? Unto different populations? Via different methods?

4.) Map out a projection of anticipated audience receptivity (see pages 217 -219, on ‘knowing your audience’ in The Art of Critical Thinking).

5) Accompanying formal outline. Please note that this outline must feature reference to each of the ten aspects detailed on our prompt, as well as a related bibliography.

6) Power Point. Presentations on ‘Persuasively concretizing ethics: collaborative efforts toward critical thought,’ of approximately 20 minutes in length.

7) collaborative outline and related bibliography, of between 3-4 pages in length.

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