i need you to write the report for my project about signal warrant

This is my abstract

Traffic Signal Warrants

The mean purpose of this study to evaluate the warrant of traffic signalization at intersection Walther Blvd with Kintore Dr located Carney, Maryland. Traffic lights are the best devices that have electronic control to regulate traffic in intersections. Traffic signal systems have developed and improved, taking into account the basic concept of the red, yellow, and green signal to control the traffic intersection of roads. Traffic signs are the most critical way to ensure traffic safety for crossings because of their electronic control. In the last decade, practitioners have developed traffic signals and what are the requirements for fixing traffic signs at intersections through possible standards. The intersection contains four ways, and the traffic flow during peak time is complicated and insecure due to the lack of an electronic signal to organize the traffic. I live in the neighborhood for three years, and I use this intersection daily. I saw that it is dangerous because most drivers do not stop completely at the intersection, and this causes accidents if the drivers, on the other way, do not focus. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is one of the most critical references while conducting a study of traffic lights procedures. We will be considered the four alternatives to reduce the hazard in this intersection. 1- Installing a traffic signal

2- Making Roundabouts

3- Put speed Hump to reduce the hazard

4- Put a Camera to control the speed of the drivers’

I will provide additional references to use once I select a tutor.

No specific wordcount but anything around 2000 words will be fine.

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