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Hi , i need help with marketing plan , i have decide which product i will work on which is called

– Smart wallet ( Don’t leave me). Read the two paragraph to get to know more about the Idea .

– for what i need on marketing plan i have attached a document that include everything you need to know and each step .

– one part of marketing plan you need to create survey , I want you to create one and send me the link so i can share it with my friend then you will get feedback that will help you on the marketing plan

( crate survey ASAP and send it for me )

now read about the product

Smart wallet ( Don’t leave me )

Smart wallet

The smart Wallet is a stylish and new kind of wallet. If you walk a few meters away, your Wallet will send a notice to your phone or your watch that you forget or leave your Wallet, and with this technology, you will remember your Wallet where it is. It includes a small tracker which is connected to your phone or any device you want to be connected to. The tracker is a small piece in a part of the Wallet, and it comes with an application you set it up, and with quick steps, you can connect it by Bluetooth. Once you connect it will track your Wallet and you can set up the setting for lost or forgotten Wallet and the level of the alarm also with vibration or not. Once it is finished the steps, it will start to track your Wallet when you open Bluetooth and send a notification to your phone or watch if needed. With this easy low cost product the customer can be happy and satisfied. The features of the application include a map that shows you and where your Wallet is. Also, there is an option you can add more Wallet to your account to track in the future. The application allows you to change the settings and the way that you want to be alarmed if you lost your Wallet.

The opportunity of this product is to create a safe way to find your Wallet and be notified if you lost it immediately. This can be done globally in all regions and does not require signal or satellite, and because of the product’s need for it to rely on UHF radio, Smart wallet has an opportunity to develop a modern way to search and find Wallet. Smart Wallet is not considered to be the one that can be used by businessmen, families, college students and everyone who searches for a way to feel safe and not to lose or forget the rips at home or in other places and if that happens. It can happen there is someone who alerts you to the location of the roses. This solves the problem of not being able to find moles in all places and determines the last position where the mates and time were lost. It reduces the time trying to find the Wallet, you do not need to go to the security or the police to report a loss, and it also protects you from thefts that may happen sometimes. Smart wallet benefits include; loss alert, so no forgetfulness of Walt will occur in public places or at home, as well as a map showing the person and showing the Walt location with the date and time and update within seconds. Smart Wallet makes losing loss very difficult and can be reached by the customer in the fastest time while missing or stolen.

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