health education teaching assignement teaching newly diagnosed patient about insulin

I thought it could be about newly diagnosed Diabetes type 1 patient; teach how to properly self administer insulin injection and proper storage. All the other specifics could be made up as you see fit.

Health Education Teaching Activity

Design a teaching module to help educate a client about a health-related topic.

Include the following components in a 3-4-page paper

Identification of target person

Assessment of learning needs

Analysis of learning needs

Selection of a health promotion model

Planning and evaluation

Complete the lesson plan grid

Annotated bibliography of 3-5 resources

Sample Teaching Plan for Health Education Activity


Client: Describe client (no names please): Age, gender, health risk-factors

Learning Style

Learning Theory

Learning Objective

Content Outline

Strategies and materials


How Theory Is Applied

Grading rubric:

Identification of target group or person

Description of person

Identification of risk factors

Common causes or morbidity/ mortality related to risk factors


Assessment of learning needs

Developmental stages/ social emotional / moral development

Special learning needs (e.g. language barriers, cultural issues age, health problems, literacy)

Preferred learning style of target group or person


Analysis of learning needs

How will you assess readiness to learn?

Do they understand the learning needs?

Identification of factors that may influence motivation to learn

Identification of learning theory that may facilitate health education


Planning and Evaluation

Behavioral objectives/ expected outcomes (provide at least two)

Teaching strategies for each objective (can be in table format with objectives)

Content outline

Implementation of learning theory (carried through from previous section)

Discuss how learning will be evaluated


Annotated bibliography


Grammar/ APA format




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