easy paper only 1 page

Length: About 300-600 words (about 1-2 pages)

For your 4th Writing Exercise, listen to Episode #4 (“Parade of Horribles”) of the podcast series MARED AND KAREN: THE WVU COED MURDERS.

Then, write a response to the episode. Your response can describe your thoughts about the episode, any ideas you may have about the case, anything from the episode that stood out to you, anything you’re having trouble understanding, etc.

On Monday, March 9, you will use your Writing Exercise to generate discussion about the episode in class.

Your Writing Exercise should do more than just summarize the episode. What new thoughts, ideas, or questions can you add to our conversation about the episode in class?

Try to support your thoughts and ideas with evidence, instead of making unsupported assumptions.

NOTE: Eddie Slaughter’s name was changed for the podcast. His real name was Charles Edward Thrasher.



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