cryptography research paper create a fictitious company with a name california airlines and create procedure for security as given by topics below

i am in a group of 4 and below are the topic i have to cover writing research paper and presentation.

write 3 to 4 page covering below topic.

1.What methodology will you use to protect the data?

2.What are the biggest challenges faced by companies using encryption?

3. How will you verify and authenticate the users both local and remote?

4. What forms of encryption (symmetric / asymmetric)

and make presentation.

  • Research Paper must be in APA Style
  • Research Paper must have at least 2 works cited of which 1 must be peer reviewed works/articles (note your book can be included as a reference) (MY PART)
  • Must be at least 3 double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins. (MY PART)
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