analytic essay 4

Write a 5-6 pages (minimum 1500 words), double-spaced paper with 1-inch margins in response to the prompt. The essay is analytic which means your primary objective is to take a stand or a position, and make an argument or make a case for your position.

  • You must use five readings from weeks 7-9(I will upload to you ). You may use other course readings but you must use five from weeks 7-9
  • Do not use outside readings or sources
  • Include a Works Cited page

You must support your argument with information from the readings and lecture. You may also use your own personal experiences, investigative assignment, and videos shown in class to support your argument (a list of some videos I will upload in case you need). When using quotes from readings, never assume the reader knows why you are using the quote. Always explain what the quote means and how it relates to your argument. Proper citation rules apply for direct quotes, for example – (author’s last name, year, page number).

Strong essays are those that: 1) present a clear position or claim, 2) integrate information from the course to support the position, 3) provide concrete examples to support the positionBe sure to proofread your essay.

  1. Prompt for Analytic Essay:Since the publication of the report A Nation at Risk by the federal government in 1983, the field of education, and schools in particular, have undergone major reforms. One of the criticisms of high schools included in the report was that high schools were not fulfilling the promise of offering students an education that is excellent (high standards and expectations) and equitable (high standards and expectations for all students).(explanation on lecture 7b I will upload to you in case you may need)Discuss some of the problems/issues with high schools addressed in the A Nation at Risk report and problems/issues with high schools that continued after the report, including why those problems interfere with students’ success in school. Then, discuss how high schools can do a better job of providing excellent and equitable education to all students. Be sure to include one or two examples of innovative high schools. Describe the features or components of the school or schools and how those features provide excellent and equitable schooling for all students.
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