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In Writing Assignment #1, you will identify various communication inhibitors in the context of your workplace or community, define the inhibitors in your own words, prepare a table with descriptions of the inhibitors, and write a brief summary rating the effectiveness of communication in the chosen context. The analysis you prepare for this report might pave the way for your final paper, the Research-Based Report.

Summary of assignment • Task: For this assignment, you are asked to collect real-life examples of barriers (inhibitors) to communication that occur in your work or community environment. You will describe them, define them, justify them in a table, and then use them to rate your organization’s communication effectiveness. • Length: The assignment has four parts. Details on word count are provided below and in the following pages. o Part I of this assignment will be 200-250 words o Part II is a list of definitions. The definitions in this section should be about 3040 words each. o Part III is a table with short examples, names, and justifications. The word count will vary. o Part IV will be 175-250 words. • Format: you will not cite sources in this paper, so you will not use any particular citation style. In writing up the assignment, please follow the template given on page 2. Reading Material to DrawUpon for this Assignment: For this assignment, you will want to draw on the following reading materials about communication inhibitors. • “Management Study Guide: 10 Barriers to Communication” by the MSG Team • “Physical Barriers in Communication” by Rahul Pandita • “The Barriers to Effective Communication” by Rupal Jain

Format: Your text should be single-spaced and in 12-point font. Please use the following template when completing this assignment. Details on each part of the assignment are provided on pages 3-4.

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