write 2000 to 2500 word on the advantages and disadvantages of going environmentally sustainable at the cooperate level using apa style for in text reference and bibliography

Professor instruction

Write 2000 to 2500 word using APA style for in text reference and bibliography

Part1: Introduction to the Subject that you are studying and the social and environmental goals, vision, and potential impact that guide it. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of what they are trying to achieve? Or how they are going about making it a reality? What do you imagine to be the long-term consequences (good and bad)? (2 pages-500-word count

Part2: Discussion of the Needed Changes of lifestyle, use patterns, big ideas, paradigm shifts, that need to be embraced to make it work. (2 pages, 500-word count

Part3: add, to the a discussion of to your written responses to part1, 2 (above),a built or proposed project or example which supports the ideas you are exploring in your paper (for instance, if you are studying solar energy, a case study of a building that was designed using similar principles). Explain this example in detail and how it supports the concepts or ideas you are studying (2 pages, 500-word count

part4: ADD a Constructive Critique of the proposed idea, its potential impact, and how relevant do you think it is? (2 pages, 500-word count)



4 to 5 sources


Why this topic matter meaning why corporate should go environmentally sustainable

General info about the topic

Body1: how or what are people doing to become sustain at the corporate level

Write one Case study or example.


Write two more cases or example of what people should do to become sustain at the corporate level


Critiques why going environmentally sustainable might not work give one case or example and show the reasons for that for example it cost the corporate a lot of money


Summarize the main point


Use 4 academic sources

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