what are the future opportunities and markets for easy wheels

Case Scenario: In the past year and a half Dwight and Ike have expanded Easy Wheels (EW) into the Asian Marketplace and increased their online presence to be more globally appealing. They have also sought to keep manufacturing in the USA. Concerns that Dwight and Ike have about opening manufacturing operations abroad stem from their fear that the quality of the products they make will be lesser than those produced in the US, the culture clash may be too hard to overcome, and that the business will become too large. It is also part of their culture to employ wounded US veterans first. This may be hard to accomplish abroad. Too, EW is a small family firm and expanding abroad would make it hard for managers and leaders to keep that “I belong” feel that family embodies.

Prepare a 3-page, third person memo to Dwight and Ike on the subject of manufacturing abroad. They would like to get fresh ideas on the subject.

The future of the business environment, technology, and market opportunities for EW’s products. (Topics to discuss: cities vs. rural, where are they likely to be popular? What countries have employees who can work the machines? Education? Cost of Living? Language etc. wealth distribution) Using at least five of the resources provided in the word document and online research to enhance the answer if necessary.

*Advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing abroad.

*The role of managers and leaders in business today.

Support the response with facts, figures, and expert opinions.

**Use APA in-text citations with page number and a reference list.

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