thought theater finding out about local theater productions

1. Pre-Thought Theater:

In pre-thought I want you to describe a time when you went to a live theater production of a play. Describe, as best as you can remember what the theater looked like. Note, I am interested mostly in your memories of the theater space itself not so much the production elements.


Secondly, I want to look up a review for a local theatrical production. Since I am located in the Tampa Bay Area I am expecting Tampa Bay Area (Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota) reviews. Since you’ll be doing your research online I will limit the assignment to the Tampa Bay Area. NOTE: It must be a locally produced play.

Based on the information you find: how far would far would it be for you to travel to that local theater to see a play? How likely would you be to see a play at that theater? How likely would you be to see the play described in the review.

To help in your research here are links to three local sources:…

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