team presentation question do people have a right to die when they want to die objectivism theory

I am going to need a DRAFT of the work by March 25th by 10 AM pacific time.

This is going to be a group presentation. This is going to be MY part of the presentation.

There are two parts to this, there must be power point slides done for these following questions …

What economic/legal/philanthropic responsibilities does the organization have to the stakeholders, and what is the nature of the responsibility?

What recommendations would you make in this case? Be as specific as possible and include a timetable and implementation responsibilities. Illustrate how your selected recommendation is consistent with the ethical theory you have selected

As well as an scrip of the overall summary of what was being written for me to read off of to the class. The scrip can be about two pages long about each question so please separate it from each slide.

The powerpoint it self must be about 2-3 slides PER QUESTION so a total of at least four all together, Please answer the questions in much detail. The information MUST come from the book it self which there is a link attached for you and as well as many outside sources but it must be from a different book or a .org or .gov website. PLEASE site all sources including the book it self.

The following information below is the directions the professor uploaded for this assignment:

Question: Do people have a “right to die” when they want to die?

Objectivism Theory

1.1. Case Analysis

In analyzing the issue, use concepts and methods from the Ghillyer Text and the WEB sites above, the summary of the six ethical theories or systems taught at SDSU (on BB), as well as information that you obtained through your research. Select the one most applicable of the six ethical decision systems covered and explain why you believe that it is the one best theory for implementing your recommendation. You do not need to compare your selection explicitly to the other five ethical decision systems.

1.2. Team Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations should last approximately 30 minutes, including time for questions
  • Please email an electronic copy of any PP slides to your instructor the day before making your presentation. This is what I will use to grade your presentation
  • Your case presentation should be interesting, informative, relevant and in good taste
  • Creativity and good communications skills are vital to your success. Your presentation should be seamless and not a combination of individual parts put together by
  • You may include short videos to enhance your presentation


The bibliography should have 20 references, with no more than 5 from the Internet. Please attach the bibliography in a slide (s) at the end of your presentation

  • If you don’t wish to give your instructor permission to use your PP slides or paper as a sample for future classes, please attach a letter or email from all the team members

1.3. Team Case Presentation Scoring Rubric

A scoring Rubric may be found under course documents on Blackboard. Please review the Rubric because it is what I will use to evaluate your team’s performance. As described above, when your team makes its presentation, give me a copy of your Rubric with the names of all your team members and the title of your presentation

You may also complete a peer evaluation of your teammates using the peer evaluation rubric on BB if there is a team member participation problem. This allows you to evaluate your team members on their participation in the case presentation and the TS debates. One member of your team is responsible for collecting all of the team evaluations and giving them to me at the class period when you make your last Taking Sides presentation. Team member evaluations are optional.

If there is an issue of one or more team members “social loafing” please bring it to my attention as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue together.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I am going to need a DRAFT of the work by March 25th by 10 AM pacific time.

and a final copy of it by April 5th

Please click the attached file down below to view the rubric for the presentation itself.

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