revolutionary period list 5 attitudes towards the revolution given in this week s readings by john and abigail adams paine and crevecouer try to include something from each writer 2 westward expansion list 5 attitudes towards expansion into the wes

) Revolutionary Period: List 5 attitudes towards the Revolution given in this week’s readings by John and Abigail Adams, Paine, and Crevecouer. Try to include something from each writer.

2) Westward Expansion: List 5 attitudes towards expansion into the West given by this week’s second set of writers.

  • Do not use quotes from the text without quotation marks.
  • Do not use a quote without explaining what the quote means in your own words.
  1. PROMPT: Select one recurring theme or idea, find three quotes from this week’s readings that illustrate (or comment in some way) on the theme, and make sure the quotes are by different authors. Write a paragraph at the end of your post consolidating and comparing the quotes and discussing in what ways each illustrates or comments on or challenges the theme you’ve chosen to focus on.
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