individual case toyota and innovation catalysts

Answer these questions along with your typical case analysis. (at least 3-4page)

Case 16 – Toyota: Lean Production and the Rise of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturer

1. Compare and contrast Toyota’s manufacturing system with a conventional mass-production system. What are the advantages of Toyota’s system?

2. Describe the essential difference between the way supplier relations are managed at Toyota and how they were managed historically at the typical U.S. auto manufacturer. What are the consequences of these differences?

3. How does Toyota’s approach to customer relations influence its design and production planning process? What are the implications?

4. Do you think that the cooperation that Toyota has achieved with its suppliers and employees in Japan can be replicated in its overseas manufacturing operations?

5. What is the basis of Toyota’s competitive advantage? Is it imitable?

second one :For this assignment, create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to present to your client that includes the following:

  • After reading the text and watching the videos, describe at least three examples of people, practices, and approaches that serve as catalysts for innovation (the book describes people as the catalysts, but for this assignment, you should list anything you find in the readings that spark and encourage innovation).
  • Then describe what can limit or destroy innovation in an organization. Be sure to cite from where you find your ideas, and make sure the text is one of your sources. Note that destroyers (not disrupters) or inhibitors keep innovation from happening in an organization. List three limiters/destroyers and briefly explain each.
  • Create a plan for how your client can promote innovation while addressing those behaviors, policies, and practices that destroy innovation. Add the plan to your presentation.
  • Finally, briefly describe disruptive innovation and provide an example. Then, think of a disruptive innovation for your client and describe it in your presentation.
  • Your last slide should include a list of references including any course materials you used.
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