engl101 forum need back soon real simple use your own words


Rushforth, Bruno. “Drugs.” Student BMJ 12.Suppl S3 (2004): n. pag. Web.

  1. This is how I found my article. I foud my article in the campus libray by typing in drugs becaeu I was was curious on what people would have to say specifically in peer reviews or articles.
  1. This is how the article I chose would look on a Works Cited page. Use the library’s cite button! Please include the entire URL (not just the doi), and don’t forget to put the library search engine in italics and list the date of access at the very end if applicable.
  1. Pick one sentence from the article you chose and write it word for word below. This is just for your information, so you don’t have to include a citation here. Please do not choose an extremely long sentence or an indirect source (i.e., another author that the author of your article references).
  1. Now paraphrase the sentence you chose. Read the quote, look away from it, and summarize it below in your own words. Include a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence. Refer to the paraphrase examples under Lessons for guidance.
  1. Now using the exact quote from the article, include a signal phrase, the quote, and a parenthetical citation. Refer to the quotes examples under Lessons for guidance. Don’t forget to include quotation marks! ,,,
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