determine an ethical course of action for handling a case study

Determining an ethical course of action for handling the dilemma in the assigned scenario. Choose a scenario from the ones listed below. Utilize resource materials in:

● Cournoyer et al. Chapter 5 and Module 2 – attached

● NASW Code of Ethics available at
● Ethical decision-making handout – attached

Review a case presenting an ethical dilemma from the list below and discuss the dilemmas in light of the reading. Discuss what ethical principles (according to the Code of Ethics) and/or practice issues are at play. Review the scenario, identify the ethical dilemma(s), discuss the dilemma(s) utilizing the ethical decision-making materials.

In discussing the cases, please follow steps 1-4 of Reamer’s 7-Step Process on the Ethical decision making found below.

Steps 1-4 of Reamer’s 7-Step Process:
1. Identify the ethical issues, including the social work values and duties that conflict.
2. Identify the individuals, groups, and organizations that are likely to be affected by the ethical decision.
3. Tentatively identify all possible courses of action and the participants involved in each, along with possible benefits and risks for each.
4. Thoroughly examine the reasons in favor of and opposed to each possible course of action, considering the relevant ethical theories, principles, and guidelines; codes of ethics and legal principles; social work practice theory and principles; personal values (including religious, cultural, and ethnic values and political ideology), particularly those that conflict with one’s own.

Include a typed paper listing responses to the above questions.

Power points, videos, role play, posters, etc may be used for the presentation. Be creative!

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