criminal justice powerpoint on wiretapping

The collection and preservation of evidence is an important skill when at a crime scene. For this assignment, you will discuss the collection and preservation within a wiretap case as well as how it compares to another type of cases. Read the Wiretap article and create a 4-5 slide PowerPoint presentation, with embedded narration, that addresses the following:

  1. What were the top three types of criminal offenses that the U.S. obtained wiretaps for?
  2. What are the three categories of surveillance?
  3. In your opinion how could evidence be collected and preserved in wiretap cases?
  4. Compare the difference in collection and preservation in wiretap cases versus another type of case.

PowerPoint Format:

  • Use the slide notes section in the presentation to include information that follows your narration, being sure to follow the conventions of Standard English.
  • Slide content should include brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the narration. Do not add too much content to each slide; the slides should only provide the highlights of what is being discussed in your narration.
  • In-text citations should be included with any brief points that were researched from outside sources and the narration should fully explain the points
  • Cite all sources on a separate reference slide at the end of the PowerPoint and reference each source in the body of the presentation using 6th edition APA formatting and citation style
  • Identify the source of any pictures you use, being sure to cite them correctly using 6th edition APA style in-text citations.
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