criminal justice 238

Research a “critical incident” where mass harm was inflicted using firearm weapons.

Sutherland Springs, TX 2017

Create a summary:

1. What are the identifying specifics of the incident include when, where, time of day.

2. What activities usually take place here? Who/What groups were present?

3. What was/were the weapons used? How did the perpetrator(s) gain access to the weapon(s)

4. What was the motive or circumstances that explain whyhe/she took this action?

5. Were there others present in possession of a firearm? Who and why? Was any weapon used to intervene?

6. How did the immediate incident end?

7. What is the status of case now? Outcomes?

8. What is the penalty for the perpetrator?

9. Who were the deceased? Detailed listing is required including, name, age and reason for being there. Attach additional page if needed.

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