case study preventing injuries at a worksite 1

This week we are continuing the case study you started in the last assignemnt. You will now be focusing on the chemical risks in this workplace. The intention of this case is to give you an opportunity to think about how you would anticipate, identify, evaluate, and control chemical risks at a place of business. You will also gain practical experience writing an executive summary.

Tips on writing an executive summary: This is the brief section at the beginning of a long document that summarizes the key findings and recommendations. It is not background and it is not an introduction. It is the essence of the report with salient facts, key points, and recommendations clearly articulated but without fine details (which would be included in the longer document).

There is no set structure for an executive summary, but there are guidelines you must follow. This includes using sub-headers to clearly identify the following information. Keeping writing tone professional and succinct. Judicious use of bullet points to emphasis key findings or recommendations so that they are clearly identified.

It is also important to realize that executive summaries are not a full report. They are a stand-along document with sufficient detail and clarity to ensure that the reader can completely understand the contents of the longer study (or the notes you have written up). For more tips about how to write an executive summary, please read (Links to an external site.).

You should aim to write an executive summary that is less than 4 pages.

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