business ethics paper 11

Be sure to follow these instructions very carefully.

First, in order to meet academic honesty requirements, you must do your work completely on your own, independent of other people and outside sources. As you proceed, you should only have access to this document and to your class readings (Ghillyer), class notes, and classroom slides. Your goal is to integrate only this material into a thought-provoking piece using only your own analytical skills. Not following these guidelines, may result in failure on this project.

Writing Your Paper

The project will consist of a 2-page, 500-word paper.

Section 1—Your favorite ethical decision system

In an approximately 100-word paragraph, explain your favorite of the six ethical decision systems covered (based only on class discussion and class readings, no outside sources) and why you believe that it is the best for you. Convince me that it is the best ethical position. Write objectively, or, if you like, feel free to use first person narrative and personal examples or experiences. You do not need to compare your selection explicitly to the other five decision systems in your paragraph. My guide to the six theories is on Black Board.

Section 2—Answer case questions below from The Astros Cheated. Baseball Wanted Answers. So It Made a Deal. By Jared Diamond. Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2020. (Full text of article on BB)

Case Questions: Don’t repeat the questions but list your answers by the question numbers. Use the ethical theory you selected in Section 1 as a guide in answering the questions below.

  1. What are the pros and cons of granting immunity? Answer the question taking into account various ethical frames of reference (e.g., deontology, utilitarianism, social contract theory, and virtue ethics).
  2. The author of the article says that this immunity deal is a sign of MLB’s desire for a speedy and conflict-free investigation, the continuing power of the baseball players’ union, and the fragile state of the sport’s labor relations. For what reasons might these issues be complicating factors in the decision to grant immunity in this particular case?
  3. The MLB Commissioner said the manager and assistant coaches knew that sign-stealing was going on and didn’t stop it. Therefore, the union could have successfully argued in a grievance hearing that the players didn’t know they were in the wrong, since their superiors never directly informed them, and even appeared to condone their behavior. From an ethical perspective, what is wrong with this classic example of “normalcy” (i.e., my boss is doing it so it must be OK) and/or “my boss told me to do it.”

Formatting Requirements

You must format your paper as a Microsoft Word document, double spaced, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman (or similar) font, 8½” x 11” page. The paper itself must fit on two pages. Type your name and course number in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of your paper, and type your final paper word count and your theory name in the upper left-hand corner. The word count limit for this paper is 500 words—do not go over (however, if you are under, you are missing an opportunity to more fully develop your ideas.

Submission Requirements

You must submit a paper version, copied two-sided onto a single sheet of paper, at the date stated in the syllabus.). Staple the scoring rubric as a second page to your paper and include your name and section number on the paper. Any papers delivered past the time will be considered late (see below


The papers will be evaluated primarily for the accuracy, clarity, and persuasiveness of the theory section (1) and for the incisiveness and thoroughness of analysis of the case questions. Both careful observance of the above requirements and writing quality will affect the final grade (consider using the writing lab on campus if you need any help making your writing both smooth and correct—you only have 500 words to make a positive impression).

Any paper that appears to rely on any outside sources or other student’s work will be subjected to electronic and human scrutiny. See the Business Ethics Module syllabus for the Module Honesty Policy and recognize that a student found to be dishonest will receive a “0” for the assignment and be reported to Student Rights and Responsibilities for investigation.

Late papers will be accepted for up to 48 hours past the deadline, with a one-full-grade deduction for any portion of a 24-hour period. Remember that you are welcome to submit the paper anytime before the class-time cutoff.



Below Expectations

Meets Expectations

Exceeds Expectations


Ethical Theory (25 points)

Selected a theory, but did not explain it thoroughly based on class sources or advocate for it effectively. (0-17)

Selected a theory, explained it accurately based on class sources, and advocated for it adequately. (18-21)

Selected a theory, explained it thoroughly based on class sources, and made a clear, persuasive argument for its superiority. (22-25)

Case Questions

(65 points)

Question answers are incomplete and not concise. Ethical concepts and the selected theory are sometimes used to justify question answers.

Makes inappropriate or little connection between case issues and question answers.

Little or no action suggested and/or inappropriate solutions proposed to the case issues/problems and concepts studied in readings and lectures. Somewhat limited case information is used. (0-49)

Most questions are answered clearly and concisely, and ethical concepts and the selected theory is applied to justify most question answers.

Case diagnosis and opinions use reasonable reasoning and evidence; interpretation is somewhat one-sided and not all issues in the case are revealed in question answers.

Makes appropriate but somewhat vague connections between identified case issues/problems and concepts studied in course readings and lectures. Uses most case information. (50-57)

Answered all questions completely and concisely applying ethical concepts and the selected theory to justify question answers

Case diagnosis and opinions are supported with strong arguments and well-documented case evidence; interpretation is reasonable, complete and objective in case answers.

Makes appropriate and powerful connections between identified case issues/problems and concepts studied in course readings and lectures. Uses all case information. (58-65)



Below Expectations

Meets Expectations

Exceeds Expectations


Writing Quality and Submission Requirements (10 points)

Poor presentation and organization. Lacks logical sequencing of information, disorganized, and does not cover assigned task.

Serious grammatical errors and poorly written. Overuse of simple sentences, misuse of words or idioms and sentence structure (run-ons, fragments), generally awkward writing style, and lacks business terminology.

Submission does not meet multiple stated requirements. (0-6)

Reasonable presentation and organization. Follows logical sequencing of information, organization helps reader follow information, and covers assigned task.

Limited grammatical errors and reasonably written. Sentences vary in length. Strong action verbs used, relatively free of errors in word use and sentence structure (run-ons, fragments), mechanics do not distract from credibility of content, report uses business terms appropriately.

Submission meets most stated requirements. (7-8)

Clear and logical presentation and organization. Follows logical sequencing of information, structure contributes to flow and transitions, covers assigned task, and assertions are compelling and clearly supported.

No grammatical errors and well written. Demonstrates a sophisticated grasp of language in terms of both sentence structure and vocabulary. No errors in word use or sentence structure. Writing is fluid and concise, mechanics help establish credibility, report includes appropriate business terms.

Submission meets all stated requirements. (9-10)


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