discussion writing 33

1.you will complete and submit a reading journal that summarizes the main points from the week’s reading and discusses ideas you developed based on the readings. The length and style are at your discretion. I cannot imagine that you would be able to adequately summarize and reflect on the week’s readings in less than two pages, but you might. It will be most helpful to you if you complete these weekly.

2. write another one paragraph discussion from your write.

3. reply the following student 1 and 2’s discussion one by one with your opinion.

student 1: Before Japanese immigrants came to the United States, they all had a great expectation to their adventures. They tried to pursue a better life in this foreign country. However, the reality was cruel. Japanese women immigrants were the most miserable group in the plantation. They either became prostitutes or housewives, suffering mentally and physically. In both readings, I noticed that the authors also mentioned Chinese immigrants. Asians were the lowest class people and did cheap labor in the past. They lost their national ethnic solidarity and dignity in the U.S.

student 2: After reading Azuma, I discovered that Japanese Americans spent a lot of time to separate them from Chinese Americans. From their perspective, they had fundamental differences from each other. For example, Japanese who migrated to the US were upper class, civilized, and educated people. However, Chinese Americans were lowest class in Chinese society. Because of similar appearance, white Americans usually regard Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans as a single community. Japanese Americans believed that the stereotypes of white Americans towards Chinese Americans influence their normal lives and social status in U.S. Do you think both white Americans and Japanese Americans are racism towards Chinese American. Can we regard this phenomenon as an racial project? Because in this condition, both Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans faced unfair treatment, and unequal resources.

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