write two pages book review about islamophobia in the usa

Write two pa

In the review, you need to identify the author’s main argument as well as their supporting arguments. (If you are reviewing an anthology, see below.) You also need to provide a short summary of the book that includes the time period being discussed. In addition, please identify the discipline of the author (historian, sociologist, etc.), and list the types of evidence the author uses to make their case (oral history

interviews, research studies, historical

documents, etc. This will require you to look at the footnotes).

To the extent possible (history majors and minors will have an easier time with this, which I will take into consideration), you also need to try to identify historiographical schools of thought the author is working in. Is the author describing change over time as happening as the result of conflict over access to resources or power? Is the author focusing on the importance that individuals rather than larger forces play in society? Is the author looking at culture or technology as a source of change, etc.. Also, please consider the extent to which and how the author is informed by the theoretical materials that we have read on critical race theory, intersectionality and citizenship.

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