essay on the written word power and control

It has been said that young people today read and write more than any other generation in history. It may very well be true considering how much texting, emailing and social networking that goes on in a typical day. Writing continues to evolve whether people who are fans of traditional communications like it or not.

Incorporate the following questions into an essay (include responses to all of them and be thorough). Provide sufficient support for your conclusions. Do not just write your opinion; find ways to back it up with experience and facts.


  • You may have heard that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” What does that mean?
  • How have humans historically used the ability to read and write to control others? Is it still being done today? Defend your conclusion.
  • How have written communications via social networks like Twitter and Facebook changed existing power structures? (Hint: Consider various Twitter Revolutions, or the Women’s March; Standing Rock; Black Lives Matter and most recently the #MeToo [women sharing about their sexual harassment] movements.) What is the result? Are things changing?
  • How has the rapid spread of information changed how you/we see the world?
  • Grammar and spelling often influence how intelligent someone is perceived when their posts are read online. What do your posts and comments online say about you to someone that might not know you very well?
  • What areas do you feel like you need to improve upon in your reading and writing?
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