english 402 technical and professional writing 1

Project TitleCreate a simple title for your project to help the class keep track of what you working on (for example, Project Hydra for a project writing a guidebook about a water filtration system).

Overview — Provide a general description of your project. Detail here what kind of technical document you will be creating and its significance. Mention how it relates to the final assignment and how it serves the users you have identified.

Rationale — Explain why this project is worth creating. Answer: Why invest your time in this project? What need will this project serve? What problem does this project help solve/address?

Users — Identify the group you are writing/creating this project for and how they might use the document. Answer: Who might use/read your document when it is finished? What do you know about this audience? What sort of education do they have? What kind of jargon will they understand?

Format — Note whether this will be a web-based or print-based document; if you are using some alternate format, such as an audio or video format, please indicate the format you will be using to complete the project; all project formats are acceptable, but please be sure to note which one you will be using. Discuss how and why the format you have selected best serves your users.

Personnel — How will you handle the division of labor in this project? What kind of skills are needed for this project to be a success? Give as many details and identify the specific skill sets you need filled for this project. Design titles and descriptions, like Project Supervisor or Video Editor, for each component of the project.

Evaluation — How will you evaluate the success of your project? How will you measure its success? Is there an outside person who can help judge the quality of your final document? As part of the final project, you will design a rubric to measure the success of your project. This section should lay the foundation for that piece of this assignment.

Research — Each project has a required research component. What research will your project need? Will you need to do any interviews for your project? Will you need to take photos for your project? Will you have to learn how to use a piece of software for the project? Is there anything else you’ll need to successfully complete your project? What kind of resources do you need to be successful?

Learning Goals — What do you hope to learn by doing the project? Review the learning outcomes in the course syllabus and make sure to address at least three of them here. List the outcomes from the syllabus and how this project meets those goals.

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