two articles 1 1 there are virtually no colonies left in the world today 2 2 the effects of war

Find two articles ,provide URL and a summary.
1- There are virtually no colonies left in the world today. Can we still speak of imperialism (countries being controlled by other countries) as a meaningful idea?- two news articles ,summary.

2.The Effects of War

How do the causes of current conflicts compare with the causes of World War I?

Find two news articles from different parts of the world that could help you answer the question. Provide the URL and a brief summary of each article.

Use one of the following websites:

BBC World News:

Yahoo News:

Google News:… This one will take you to different news websites, not all of which are reliable. See attached instructions on how to access Google News: google news.pptx

The following are good newspaper websites, but some may require a subscription:

New York Times:

Washington Post:

Los Angeles Times:

Christian Science Monitor:

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