how to write a 600 word problem solution essay on retirement must have apa citations and complete outline

The topic I have chosen is Retirement

Article found in Pew Research Center is in the link below

2) During the course of the next four sub-modules, you will complete a Problem/Solution essay based on documented research from the Pew Research Center. The essay will be four (4) paragraphs and six hundred (600) words long.

Research & Documentation:

  • Citations should be in APA format. References Page included.
  • The amount of Cited information should not exceed 15%
  • Watch these videos to get familiar with APA In Text Citations and APA References.

Formatting the Essay:

This essay will use APA formatting. The entire essay should:

  • Be double spaced, including the Reference page.
  • Contain one-inch margins all the way around, which is standard for Microsoft Word.
  • Present headers with Running head, Title, and Page Number on the the first page (usually the title page)
  • Present Title and Page Number in headers on the second and all subsequent pages.
  • Feature an original title centered on the first page of the actual essay.
  • Include an abstract and title page.

EXAMPLES provided as attachments…


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