write about 4 questions

Submission Instructions:

â–ª Use A4 size paper, Times New Roman 12 font size with single line spacing in text.

â–ª Use first page of assignment as cover page to submit your work

â–ª Submit soft copy of your assignment through TURNITINand hard copy as per instructions of the course instructor.

â–ª Late submission is subjected to maximum deduction of 1mark per delayed day

â–ª Plagiarized work shall not be considered to award any marks

â–ª Similarity ratio more than 20% marks as 0.

Evaluation Summary


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Assignment Instructions:

1. It is an individual assignment

2. You are required to use online/ library resources to complete the assignment.

3. Please select any four questions and write each answer in about 450 to 500 words

4. References should be written in APA Format.

QUESTIONS: Choose any Four:

Q1. Describe psychoneuroimmunology, autoimmune diseases, and explain how emotions affect immunefunctions state two research evidence.

Q2: Define personality (OCEAN), explain the different types of personality (A,B,C,D) and the diseases each personality character are prone to.

Q3: Explain Richard Lazarus’s cognitive appraisal and Selye’sstages of stress with example, explain the problem focused coping strategy.

Q4: Describe hardiness, coherence, sense of mastery and discuss cardiovascular and immune system reactivity and illness.

Q5: Explain the branches of health psychology, the biopsychosocial and biomedical model and the psychology’s role in health.

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