use the following article write an 750 words essay

the topic is argue either either that “human reason” is equivalent to simple algorithmic rule following or that “human reason” is not equivalent to simple algorithmic rule following.

reference for the article

Guide for de Condorcet,N.(1999). Sketch for a historical picture of the progress of the human mind. In G.Claeys&L. T. Sargent(Eds.),The utopia reader(pp. 176-179). New York,NYU Press.(Original work published 1795)

Guide for Erickson, P., Klein, J. L.,Daston,L., Lemov,R., Sturm, T.,& Gordin, M. D.(2013). Enlightenment reason, Cold War rationality, and the rule of rules. In How reason almost lost its mind: The strange career of Cold War rationality(pp.27-50). Chicago,University of Chicago Press

Guide of Hodoges,A.(2009). Alan Turing and the Turing test. In R. Epstein, G. Roberts,& G. Beber(Eds.), Parsing the Turing test: Philosophical and methodological issues in the quest for the thinking computer(pp. 13-22). Dordrecht, Springer

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