sports and religion sociology and religion

Part 1:

write a brief summary of each section. (minimum one paragraph).

Sports and religion

sociology and religion


Ask three people for their definitions of religion and analyze them following the instructions below:

i. Write down the three definitions.

ii. State the type of definitions (1) essential, (2) family or (3) working (which require a specialist who is giving an essential or family definition.)

iii. Clearly state the limitations of your definition and the three people’s definitions.

[For Example: Rudolph Otto, a specialist in theology/a theologian, stated “religion is the feeling of awe in the presence of the holy.” It is a working definition with a specialist, a professional theologian, that is rendering specialized essential definition that is focused on “the feeling of awe”. For example, its limitation: it is exclusive and focused on a narrow theological academic field of study.]

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