short answer questions 45

Answer Each Questions for short answers.

1. Know and be able to describe the factors that contribute to decisions to outsource vs. vertically integrate

2. Describe the bullwhip effect and how organizations can reduce volatility in the supply chain

3. Understand and briefly describe the differences between b2b and b2c marketing

4. Define and explain the differences between straight buy, modified rebuy and task buying

5. Explain what a buying center is and the functions performed

6. What functions or departments are usually part of a buying center

7. What protections does a joint venture offer companies

8. Understand the relationship between market ownership, value networks as it relates to supply chain integration

9. What role can a mission statement have in providing motivation and guidance

10. Understand the BCG Growth share matrix and Product Life Cycle

11. Explain stars, cash cows, question marks and dogs

12. How can corporations create a strong portfolio of strategic business units

13. What makes a good portfolio or products in a corporate portfolio

14. How is market research different in B2B compared to B2 consumer

15. What is the difference between exploratory and conclusive research, how can each be used

16. Understand the 6 forces of competition and why it is more difficult today to complete a competitive analysis

17. Understand the differences between the analytic approach and innovation approach as they relate to segmentation

18. What are the differences between B2B and B2C positioning

19. When is the best time to invest heavily in new product development, and why

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