please review the material under the heading of congressional districts and california s top two primary system the california citizens redistricting commission has placed the task of drawing the congressional and state districts into the hands

Please review the material under the heading of Congressional Districts and California’s Top Two Primary system.

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has placed the task of drawing the Congressional (and state) districts into the hands on a balanced public body. The result is a series of “non-political” single member districts.

After reviewing the material on redistricting, Gerrymandering, California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission and Top Two Primary System- post a comment on your thoughts on the entire process?

Remember, if a party wins a majority of districts (Congressional seats) then they form a Majority in the Congress

Have the political parties rigged the system? Does Democracy really matter?

Has California come up with a system that will return the power of the vote to the people?

Each student is required to post a 200 word response to the question.

The student then must post at least a 100 word response to at lease two other student posts

Please review How to participate and answer a Discussion Question for specifics on how to post to this discussion to get full credit.

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