muslim american week final project

1. Find an event being hosted by the Muslim community and participate in it. (CAIR-WA, MAPS, ING, UWB and Cascadia all have events, some on some off campus. You can also go to the Muslim student association club).

Describe the event

What did you learn there?

Who did you meet?

Were your perceptions changed?

2. After reading the PEW research article, did you learn something you hadn’t known before? What surprised you the most? The least? Do you think the islamaphobia being experienced by people who are muslim in the Untied States would change if people knew this information? Why? Why not?

3.Find an article about an islamaphobic hate crime that happened here in Washington State. Describe the article. How does it relate to concepts in this module? Did anything surprise you? What did you learn? How does it make you feel?

4. Writing and op-ed piece is on of the ways many advocates suggest change. Write a 2 paragraph minimum op ed piece to the Seattle times (you don’t have to send it). What should they know about the Muslim community?

5. Explain the Saphir-Worf Hypothesis. How does language shape your worldview? How does the language we use impact the Muslim community? What do you think we can do to change that?

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