final paper 367

Building on the work you did for your mid-term paper, you will write a final paper makes a discursive comparison between the text you chose for your presentation and a current (21st C) media-text. You will need to consider the ways in which the later media-text transforms and builds upon the earlier example of vilification you analyzed in your presentation. You will select from a range of course concerns to guide your essay: What are the continuities and discontinuities between the two media texts? How is the meaning of the current media-text different from the image/object of the earlier period? How are the global processes today different from the global processes then? How do the two media texts you have chosen reflect similar global processes? What are the differences in the two texts in terms of the ways in which tropes of vilification are deployed? What seems to be the purpose and context of the trope now? What makes the current trope different from the earlier one? What makes it similar? What is the connection between your object as a piece of culture and the global? How might it resonate differently with different global audiences? How does this piece of culture channel the global? Why is this specific object, its production, social context, audience, etc important to our understanding of current global processes?

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