epidemiology assignment quot epi in the news quot based on study designs such as cohort study case control study cross sectional study ecological study etc

Please follow the instructions in the file named “Epi in the news”, and write an assignment to answer all the questions. I also upload a file named “problems”, which indicates which slides should be go through and combined with each question. If you can do this assignment, I will send you all of the lecture slides, there are 7 lectures (total 14 slides). My professor asked to combine the lecture contents in the assignment, so please REALLY look through the lecture slides ! ! ! ! Please write it very professional based on the slides. You need to be professional with Epidemiology, you will use the knowledge of Study Designs (such as Cohort study, Case-control study, Cross-sectional study, Ecological study, etc.)

This class also requires weekly journals, I will let you write if you can do this assignment well!!!!And the exam!!!!

if you can write this assignment well, the weekly journals will be yours. weekly journals are based on the lecture slides too, because we have class once a week. the journal need to discuss the interesting part of the lecture content every week. so it is worthy to go through the slides on this assignment first, it will also help you for the future journals.

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