cdn amp aborginal art history journaling responses

😀 There will be 12 one page critical synopsis of a reading – journaling responses

you will be asked to write 12 critical responses [journaling responses] to a reading from

the text or from the posted additional readings. Because the assignment is one page [anything longer will not be

accepted] you will have to do a lot of editing and proof reading.

The purpose of the journal assignment is to get you thinking critically about the text, readings and ideas provoked by both/either. Use compare/contrast or focus on an artist or theme from the text/readings to write your journal entries with support from the resources you are using. Make sure to include some of your reactions along with the comments regarding readings/text and you must cite from whichever resources you are utilizing. Journal entries must be at least one page single-spaced or at least two pages double-spaced with notation of your citation and list of your resources. This is a writing intensive course.

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