8 pages corporate codes of conduct the effects of code content and quality on ethical performance

Topic is :Corporate Codes of Conduct: The Effects of Code Content and Quality on Ethical Performance

You must have a thesis statement, topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraphs, then give claims with sources as the evidence. Please send me the final draft with the outline and a poster with the main concepts.

Your essay must be written using appropriate academic styleand structure.

• Your essay must be original work which is not copied in whole or in part from another source.

• You will need to provide hard copiesof all sources, and all source material must be written in English.

• Include details of all sources used in a reference list at the end of your essay.

• Your essay should be written in Arial, 12 point, with double(2.0) line spacing.

• Your essay should be 2,000-2,500 words in length,excluding the header and reference list.

I’ve attached the grading sheet, please satisfy the requirements.

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