4 questions about basic humanities and the unit is about theater

Activity 8.1 Pre-Thought Theater

In this pre-thought I want you to describe a time when you went to a live theater production of a play. Describe, as best as you can remember what the theater looked like. Note, I am interested mostly in your memories of the theater space itself not so much the production elements.

Activity 8.2 Finding out about local theater productions

In this assignment I want to look up a review for a local theatrical production. Since professor located in the Tampa Bay Area I am expecting Tampa Bay Area (Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota) reviews. Since you’ll be doing your research online I will limit the assignment to the Tampa Bay Area. NOTE: It must be a locally produced play.

Based on the information you find: how far would far would it be for you to travel to that local theater to see a play? How likely would you be to see a play at that theater? How likely would you be to see the play described in the review.

To help in your research here are links to three local sources:

Tampa Bay Times (Links to an external site.)

Creative Loafing Tampa (Links to an external site.)

Broadway World Tampa

Activity 9.1 Pre-Thought Theater

In the last module I asked you to think generally about theater and local professional theater in particular. In this module we will be think about what is happening on stage.

Think about a play you have seen and focus on your memories of the set and or the lighting for the show. What stood out for you in those (set or light) elements.

Activity 9.2 Designing Inventing Van Gogh

Now that you have read the play I’d like you to apply some of what we’ve been talking about to a fictional production of the play. Think about what you think this play should like. I’d like you to focus on being the lighting or set designer for the show. Describe what you would do with lights or set. You don’t have to go into tremendous detail but give me sense of color, shape, intensity for a production of Inventing Van Gogh. I want you to think about how your decisions applying specifically to this show. Remember the play is a bit abstract (movement in time back and forth) and about a great artist so you should keep that in mind.

This should be a minimum of about 200 words in length.

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