write an art history essay 1

Please write an essay about artist Richard prince(works:untitled(girlfriend), untitled(party), untitled(cowboy)) or Allan Mccollum (works: 20 plaster surrogates, individual works)

Minimum 3000 words before bibliography (approx. 15 pages in 14 point font, with footnotes or endnotes in 12 point font) with minimum of 15 scholarly sources, on an artist of your choice from class, of this era (not Warhol), or in one of the readings.

Your introduction: The central focus of your paper (the artist and artworks chosen) should be clearly stated in the introduction to the paper. You may and should use the ‘I’. For example: “In the following pages, I will analyze a specific selection of artworks by the artist ____, with a critical look at some important themes and theoretical concerns that are prevalent, namely, _____, _____, and _____. The artworks in question were chosen because ______________, and they relate to each other due to ______ (medium, theme, etc. . . ). My goal here is to investigate the theme of/issue of ________. I will be drawing upon the art historical and art critical views of ________ and _________ (provide names of theorists, theoretical approaches such as gender theory or critical race theory, etc. . .). The following art history methodologies will be employed to complete the study: visual analysis, comparative analysis (of works by different artists), content analysis, critical discourse analysis, and field research (if trips to museums or galleries to see works in situ were involved)….

Please read important information and GRADE BREAKDOWN first then write the essay! !

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